Kaja Zaloudek
Executive Producer/Producer/Owner

By definition, a film and video producer organizes and supervises the making of a production. People, numbers, schedules, people, words, equipment, props, people, numbers, wardrobe, shots, people, music, cuts, people, and more numbers.

I'm privileged to have worked in this industry for as many years as I have, learning from the best along the way. I am passionate about what I do and I want to continue to create high quality programs that tell a great story.

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“GOLIGHTLY Films, Inc. 'Listen to the Sounds of Life' weaves a sad but loving story of children with cancer and their courageous struggle with live and death. Producer Kaja Zaloudek is a master at doing the impossible, i.e., making 'talking heads' compelling when she captures on-camera appearances by family members. Dramatic impact is increased via a prudent mix of color and black and white footage. This production is a fine example of the power of fundraising videos to brand nonprofits.”

- Thomas Baker, Ph.D., Competition Chairperson, the Accolade Competition


Kaja Zaloudek
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